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What is A Tune-up

Before electronics came into the picture the term "tune-up" was applied to the maintenance operation of replacing the spark plugs, distributor points, inspecting or replacing the cap and rotor and possibly replacing the fuel and air filters. There were many adjustments to be done on these cars; point gap, ignition timing and idle mixture and dwell. 

Distributors are now gone and even spark plug wires are missing from many applications. Forget those adjustments, the onboard computer handles fuel mixture, timing and idle speed control. On many of the newer cars, just spark plugs, fuel and air filters and PCV valve remain of the items that we used to consider part of a "tune up".


Does my vehicle Need A Tune-Up?

Yes, if you have an older car or truck that was manufactured prior to 1998.

In other cases, it important to follow your owners manual maintenance schedule to keep your vehicle in tip top shape.


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