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Engine & Transmission Service




What Does My Engine & Transmission Do?

The vehicle engine is responsible for turning gasoline into power to the wheels so a car can move forward or backward.

The transmission is the component that takes the power created by the engine and changes gears to match the speed of the car for the best efficiency. It's like riding a bike and starting on an easy gear and changing to a harder gear as you go faster, that's what a transmission does.


Does My Engine or Transmission Need Service

The easiest way to know if you need engine service is you will see your warning light come on. Other things to keep an eye on are smoke and strange sounds coming from under the hood and black fluid on the ground.

For the transmission, you may also have a warning light. Also be aware of how your car is shifting from gear to gear and starting from a stop. Check for red fluid on the ground under your car.


Engine or Transmission Troubles?
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