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Battery Service



What Does My Battery Do?

A car battery is either good or it’s dead, especially during winter when your battery is most likely to call it quits. Don’t let a dead battery keep you at home or stuck on the side of the road. Visit our shop for a free battery check today! We’ll keep your car running smoother, longer with a simple preventative inspection.

  1. The battery gets your car going: The battery delivers voltage to the starter by converting chemical energy into electrical energy. This gives your car the power it needs to start.
  2. The battery keeps things going: The battery delivers just the right amount of energy to kick things off under the hood, but it also provides a steady stream of voltage (energy) to keep your engine running throughout your drive.
  3. The alternator works with the battery: The alternator has the job of recharging the battery once the vehicle is running. In newer vehicles the alternator also creates the power to run most electronics.


Does My Car Need A New Battery?

We can test your battery to find out. But keep an eye on the following:


Time for a new battery?
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